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A recorded video can capture precious moments of your life or the life of others: the first steps of your child, the stage acting of your niece or the opening dance on your wedding.
Videos shall keep these moments forever. MovieCut is especially made for these moments. Recorded videos can be edited in a few minutes. Your cuts and edits are applied in realtime for you to keep track of all the edits you’ve done to the video. Results are directly visible in the preview.
Many programs are only able to play a few video formats. This makes frustration inevitable. MovieCut was developed to eliminate this frustration. It supports all common video formats and lets you handle your recorded videos with ease.
Of course MovieCut considers the typical Abelssoft-promise to create professional results with just a few clicks. The great work of our design team makes this possible by keeping the user interface simple and clean, yet provide powerful features. Where other programs might confuse you with too many buttons to press, we like to remove all this unnecessary clutter and leave you with exactly what you need.

Here are some key features of “Abelssoft MovieCut”:
– Edit or cut videos
– Useful Effects and Filters
– Support for many video formats
– Publish your video on YouTube
– Easy as ABC!

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OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
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